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Yoga for Better Breathing (Chris)

Most of us don’t use our diaphragm optimally when we breathe---we breathe shallowly as opposed to deeply. As we age, we begin to lose lung function (there is a reduction in chest wall compliance and decreased strength in respiratory muscle), so learning to use your diaphragm muscle is critical to good, deep breathing. It’s also an integral part of yoga. Yoga for Better Breathing is based on Chris’ research on a specific posture sequence, pranayama (breathing techniques) and general stretches to open the chest and encourage deep breathing. Deep diaphragmatic breathing not only helps us breathe better but helps to calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety. The class is open to all, including those with no yoga experience. Props will be used and chairs are available for those who need them. The class is geared toward those with COPD due to any condition but anyone who wants to learn more about yoga poses and techniques for better breathing should attend and those on oxygen are encouraged to attend.

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