February 2016 - Consi Palmer

What first brought you to yoga and how long have you been practicing?

I started practicing yoga about fifteen years ago when our club in Charlottesville began offering classes. I was curious and needed a winter activity. It was especially non-threatening and encouraging, as we all were beginners.

What is/are your intention(s) for your yoga practice?

I use yoga as a time of centering, revisiting my intention that I set for the year. Last year my intention was Renewal and Joy. This year – Light and Love.

What is your favorite pose and why?

After all the PLANKS from January, I should probably say plank – BUT, I love Savasana – What an awesome opportunity to allow myself to just let go and relax.

What is your favorite class at InsideOut Yoga?

I like them all! I love that there is a class almost every day and know that I will get something out of it.

How has the practice of yoga influenced your life?

Practicing yoga regularly helps me feel calm, flexible and strong; I enjoy the people I meet there and the community. Yoga helps me feel spiritually connected, and I learn new things about my body and my mind. I find my teachers to be inspiring. It feels like a nice way to take care of myself. 

What advice would you have for a beginning yoga student?

No pain. No pain. Trust your body – if it hurts don’t do it!

What is your occupation?

I am a nurse, and most recently taught Community Health Nursing at the University of Virginia. Who knows what’s next. Maybe it will come to me in Savasana!

What activities do you enjoy?

Yoga. Golf. Playing with my three granddaughters. Oyster farming (and eating). Life with my husband Jud. Providing a comfortable place for our three children to gather. Needlepoint on a rainy day.

What is your favorite thing about living in the Northern Neck?

Susan Johnson~

(and looking at the water!)

Is there anything you want to add?

I have had lots of yoga teachers, and believe me, Susan is a gift!