Heart vs. Head

I read a quote once that said your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel.  We make countless decisions every day, some big, some small, and it's a tricky business whether to listen to your head or your heart.  Should you eat the cookies or the apple?  Should you take the job that pays well or do something you love for less money? Should you live in a place that's familiar and comfortable or one that's new and exciting?  Should you stay in a relationship that's more about practicality than connection?

Our head is where analysis and logic reside.  It's where we think through things.  Not a bad thing, of course, but it's also the home of our monkey mind - the place where fear lives.  The monkey mind comes up with reasons to avoid change and to stay in our comfort zone.  Our heart is where intuition lies.  It's the source of that little voice that guides us when we pause to listen to it.  It's where our dreams live.  But is it always right?

Do you have a tendency to favor heart over head or vice versa?  How does your yoga practice affect your choices?  Can you make time this month to seek a truce between your heart and your head?

Susan JohnsonComment