Lucky You

"Luck is believing you're lucky." ~ Tennessee Williams

I have a pair of jeans that say, "lucky you" on the inside zipper.  I didn't notice it for months and laughed out loud when I did.  Sexual innuendo aside, I silently agreed that I was.  Not just because of life circumstances over which I've had no control (loving parents, having been born in this country, people who seem to have fallen out of the sky and into my life...), but because, as Tennessee Williams noted, I realized that I was.  We all grapple with challenges ― some small, some seemingly insurmountable ― and I'm not trying to diminish or gloss over them, but there isn't a day that goes by that, no matter what I'm facing, I don't acknowledge how lucky I am.  It's one of my most powerful spiritual practices.  Will you join me this month?

Susan JohnsonComment