August 2016 - Ally Childress

What first brought you to yoga and how long have you been practicing?

My interest in yoga was initially sparked in high school but my practice didn't become consistent until 2012, when I was living outside of Los Angeles and working as a ceramic artist. The yoga practice helped me feel connected during a time when I was away from my family and friends - and I've been practicing ever since!

What is/are your intention(s) for your yoga practice?

My yoga practice provides an opportunity for pause in an otherwise hectic world, an opportunity to take time for my body, my mind and my spirit - to check in.  Often times, that's my only intention: what's happening with my body, mind and spirit in this moment?

What is your favorite pose and why?

I love savasana, especially as an instructor. When we land at savasana, it feels like everyone comes together for a few moments and I often feel goosebumps as I tiptoe around yoga mats and blocks. When I was living in L.A., I didn't know anyone and I went to a yoga class where, during savasana, the instructor came around and gave everyone a gentle shoulder massage. The power of touch, of human connection, is so powerful and having the instructor connect with me through the shoulder massage felt incredible - I always try and include this element in my classes.

What is your favorite class at InsideOut Yoga?

I love my 5:30 Power Yogis but I feel a bit biased. :) I am so grateful for all of Susan's classes and her incredible talent she shares with the studio, particularly Restorative Yoga. Allowing the body time and space to open slowly and at its own pace is a beautiful and important practice.

How has the yoga practice affected your life?

Yoga has been a life changing experience. It's helped me develop a healthy relationship with my emotions, intentions and life purpose. Teaching yoga provides a space to share that with others and to grow together through the practice. I also love the physical benefits the practice has brought to my life - my body really missed my yoga mat this winter while we were sailing our 27' Catalina to Florida!

What advice would you have for a beginning yoga student?

We are all beginners! Don't be afraid! We are all friends here.

What is your occupation?

When I am not teaching yoga, I am an artist. I work with many mediums and right now I'm working with several interior designers creating unique, large scale resin and wood pieces for private homes. I also work with canvas and fabric dye as well as clay! :)

What activities do you enjoy?

I absolutely love gardening and enjoy investing my time and labor into an activity that gives back! I've been working on having our household only eat local, seasonal produce and meat - so far, it's going great! I love sitting down for dinner and being able to list the ingredients that came from our garden. I'm also playing the upright bass in a bluegrass inspired band - we write a lot of our songs and it is SO much fun!

What is your favorite thing about living in the Northern Neck?

There are so many magical spots in the Northern Neck - and equal amounts of magical, interesting people. It's important for me to live near water and what better place than the Northern Neck!

Is there anything you want to add?

Thank you for choosing me, Susan!