January 2017 - MJ Anderson

What first brought you to yoga and how long have you been practicing?

I came to yoga through the back door of meditation, eased into the living room of asana about 12 years ago, and now have now opened the front door to infinite possibilities – thanks, Susan.

What is/are your intention(s) for your yoga practice?

To find acceptance. To look my limitations in the eye and be ok about them…then look my strengths in the eye and be ok about them.

What is your favorite pose and why?

I am hell at Savasana. It’s a big deal for someone as wired as I am.

What is your favorite class at InsideOut Yoga?

108 Minutes of Restoration. Yup, it’s as good as it sounds. If you were at the last session, it was NOT me snoring.

How has the practice of yoga influenced your life?

I have two speeds: stop and go. Used to drive me crazy. Since I started yoga, I have two speeds: stop and go. Love and respect them both.

What advice would you have for a beginning yoga student?

Accept that you (just like everyone else) will always be a beginning yogi. Yoga is so much more than being able to put the bottom of your foot against the small of your back while wrapping the other leg around your neck like a scarf.

What is your occupation?

I’m a YMCA Regional Executive who is starting a brewery in May 2017. Two speeds, people…

What activities do you enjoy?

Hiking, hanging with friends, drinking. (Mostly drinking and hanging with friends, but it seemed more appropriate to add a healthy choice.)

What is your favorite thing about living in the Northern Neck?

So easy—the people. Pick up the people and move us all to an arid 105° desert? Well, then it’s the water.

Is there anything you want to add?

Thanks, Susan - you are my guru.