Susan’s classes provide the mind/body peacefulness I'm looking for but also a super challenge for my body.  ~ Janet

I never would have imagined the Northern Neck would attract such a talented, intuitive, caring, skilled yoga instructor. ~ Eva

Susan is phenomenal. She really gets me to focus on my alignment and breathing, but for me her greatest gift is the way she mentally and spiritually guides the practice ~ Pris

Susan does a great job of keeping each class fresh. I love the variety. ~ Pamela

My goal is to be serene, like my yoga teacher. My husband assures me I have a long way to go. ~ Corey

I can’t think of a better compliment to a yoga workshop then to have a physical therapist incorporated in the class. Ginger’s humor, knowledge and ability to work in tandem with Susan so gracefully made the workshop a big success as was evident by the energy in the class. ~ Marlene

Susan teaches to every individual's learning style and needs. She has taught me that I can skip or modify any pose and still have a good practice. That's one of the reasons I keep coming back. ~ Hatley

As a part time resident, I am delighted by how vibrant the Northern Neck yoga community is. Susan is clearly a big part of that. ~ Eleanor

My favorite thing about Susan's teaching is her reminders about the balance between opposing forces in each pose and the encouragement to find the balance between effort and ease, the stretch and the strengthening. I also appreciate the prompt to take something from our practice and apply it to our lives. These things help me deepen my practice and fulfill my intention of being a better me .~ Caroline

Susan is the by far the best yoga teacher around! She cares so much for her students. She doesn’t want anyone to hurt themselves and is always telling us, “no pain, no pain.” She reminds us not to compare ourselves with others because our bodies are all built differently and to find a real balance between “effort and ease.” She is truly an amazing yoga instructor, person and now a great friend. ~ Debi

The Sun Salutation workshop was great! I learned so much! Plus, my mind was “quieted” for two hours. That never happens~ Jen

I'm incredibly grateful to have found such an amazing group of yogis so close to home. I would never have expected that moving to Weems would lead me to such a wonderful yoga community. ~ Anna

I feel like Susan is a gift that I was so fortunate to stumble upon. ~ CJ

I enjoy Susan's classes not only for her wonderful instruction but for the group energy I feel. It is an atmosphere of acceptance, friendliness, and everyone trying to be her or his best without making a competition out of it. I am inspired by the other students. I love the tranquil beauty of the church sanctuary and its surroundings where we practice. ~ Bob

I am a shameless advocate of Susan’s classes. If you haven’t been to one, go.  ~ Adrianne

I am so glad Susan opened InsideOut Yoga! It has literally changed my life. ~ Kathy

Susan is the best, most knowledgeable instructor I have ever practiced with. ~ Nancy

I am thankful to Susan and all of her students whom I've met in class for being so incredibly welcoming and fun! And if you haven’t tried yoga but want to, check out IOY ASAP! ~ Jameson

Susan's commitment to her business and personal practice is very inspiring. She is so smart and resourceful, and she's constantly growing and seeking new ways to energize InsideOut Yoga. It's been fun to watch it evolve and I feel very fortunate to have her wonderful yoga studio on the Northern Neck. I think almost daily about one of her quotes: “Enjoy the infinite possibilities that surround us in each moment.” ~ Christine

There's a wealth of experience with Susan and the other students. Some have 15 or 20 years of practice and are very willing to share it with others. I've experienced real growth and progress and am continually encouraged. My kids say I rock. ~ Jim

I always leave Susan's classes feeling good from the workout and her insightful words of wisdom. ~ Kimberly

Susan's guidance is sublime. ~ Julie

Kudos to Susan, who's a remarkable instructor and friend. She has an unbelievably calming voice and teaches each class with enthusiasm. I hope she continues to teach for many more years!! ~ Davy

Susan's a great teacher - inspiring, and encouraging. She makes everyone feel like a winner (like she is!!!) ~ Susan and Bob

I'm so very grateful for the unexpected blessing of such an outstanding yoga program in our small community.Thank you Susan and my fellow yogis! ~ Page

Thank you, Susan, for being a teacher's teacher and a mentor. ~ Lena

Susan is a natural instructor with great hands-on assists, a patient and caring demeanor and good knowledge. How grateful our visiting group was to be a part of the InsideOut Yoga experience! ~ Caroline

My knees feel better today than they have in months! What happened in class was great medicine for me. ~ Anne

I practice regularly, but getting myself across that bridge seems to be a challenge. Susan's class today reminded me again that her instruction far outweighs any effort it takes to get there! ~ Patty