July 2018 - Ingrid Buell

Ingrid Buell.jpg

What first brought you to yoga and how long have you been practicing?

I started practicing 5 years ago as an extension to my mindfulness practice. I was finding it difficult to quiet my mind and sit still for meditation and yoga as an active form of mediation fit the bill. 

What is/are your intention(s) for your yoga practice?

To be present to my family and friends. For equanimity. Gratitude for whatever the day brings.

What is your favorite pose and why?

In Richmond – headstand! Because I was terrified to try for a year, and when I finally did it, I not only gained confidence but it took me back to when I was a child and did it with ease! It also serves as reminder to believe in myself and to try new poses. In White Stone – wild thing because it makes me smile.

What is your favorite class at InsideOut Yoga?

I love any class that I’m able to make given I’m a part-time resident. I've especially enjoyed the outdoor classes at YMCA/APYC Camp Kekoka.

How has the practice of yoga influenced your life?

It’s been a game changer for me both physically and mentally. The former in terms of balance, core strength and my posture. The latter more importantly, as it’s helped manage my anxiety, reduced stress, helped me to be more present to ordinary and extraordinary moments and less reactionary to life’s unexpected challenges.

What advice would you have for a beginning yoga student?

No matter where you go and what class you take – you will find the yoga community to be a place of complete non-judgment and openness to all levels.  And … it’s never to late to start!

What is your occupation?

Mom, wife, friend, volunteer and all the various hats that entails.

What activities do you enjoy?

Cooking, travel, reading, guilty pleasure of binge watching Netflix, exercise, volunteering, spending time at river with family & friends and watching UVA basketball!

What is your favorite thing about living in the Northern Neck or Middle Peninsula?

As a part-time resident, being able to take a nature bath on the dock, the genuine welcoming kindness of all the locals I’ve met and my Friday afternoon trifecta stop at Out of the Oven Bakery, The River Market and Old Farm Truck as they set us up for a relaxing weekend.  And of course ….. when I able to make it to a Susan’s yoga class!