Creativity vs Fear

I invented this rule for myself which I would apply to every decision I might have to make in the future: I would sort out arguments and see which ones belonged to fear and which ones to creativeness.  Other things being equal, I would make the decision based on which argument had the larger number of creative reasons on its side. I think it must be a rule similar to this that makes jonquils and crocuses come pushing through cold mud." ~ Katharine Butler Hathaway

Right?!? So many of our actions (or inactions) are fear based.  Last month I talked about how paying attention to what you're paying attention to helps you to grow.  Do you find yourself paying more attention to what might go wrong than right?  Are you afraid to write that book? To start that new venture? To dive into that new relationship? To do that funky yoga pose?

I love how Halloween celebrates both creativity and fear.  Which will you choose to pay attention to this month?

Susan JohnsonComment