IOY/OBX2 "Come on Get Higher" Positivity Workshop Summary


Here's a summary of MJ's awesome workshop!

Neuroplasticity is the science that supports this truth: We can change our neuro patterns no matter what our age. Meaning: You can develop a more positive approach to life right now. 

The actions below take a deep commitment to intention. You have to PLAN to act. This planning is the beginning of building your new neural pathway.

Six Behavioral Changes:

  1. Show Gratitude – Wake up daily being grateful for at least one thing.
  2. Give Mercy – When it is unearned, show acceptance and love anyway. Ask yourself: What’s it like to be on the receiving end of me?
  3. Reframe Your Experience – No one can take away your happy approach – you have to give it away. Reframing means to flip it and place the positive back into the moment.
  4. Move – Elevate your attitude by moving and creating endorphins. It can be simple: Sit up; smile. Or it can become a part of your daily action: Do a 5 second super hero pose. Name your super hero.
  5. Pick a Tribe that Supports Your Positive Vibe – Evaluate who you surround yourself with. With intention, cultivate relationships that actively support your goal of living a positive life.
  6. Pay it Forward – Buy a coffee for the next person in line, volunteer; keep the wellbeing of others in the front of your mind.

As a reminder, happiness is a feeling. Positivity is an attitude. A positive attitude provides room for hope even in the worst situation.

Namaste dear friends…


Susan JohnsonComment