The Fortune is in the Follow-Up

Several years ago I gave a talk about fitness to a group of young mothers. I started by asking, “Who can name the best exercise?” Answers included walking, swimming, biking, running, etc. All great responses, but the answer I had in mind was “the one you do.”

Any salesperson can tell you that the fortune is in the follow-up. You need to contact potential clients again and again in order to convert a lead into a sale. The more you practice yoga, tennis or piano, the bigger the payoff. The more you nurture your relationships, the more they grow. If you tell your kids to clean their room but you never follow up, chances are they won’t do it. In other words, you begin with an intention and move forward from there.

So what great ideas are running around in your head that you haven’t pursued? Can you take some time to get still and see what might be keeping you from following through?

Susan JohnsonComment